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They are very loving and caring women that would be great to live with and do their best to make you happy. However I am not sure that I could ever trust one to be faithful.I know it’s not good to generalize, but I’ve met so many Filipina girls who were cheating on their boyfriends over the years before writing for Nomad Philippines.Another expat in the Philippines listed 8 foolproof ways to find out if your Filipina girlfriend is cheating on Happier Abroad forum. They dream of this as kids and are so happy when they get them.

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Again it is not right to lump them all together and there are definitely many that can remain faithful, but I still would bet that there is more cheating in the Philippines (and Asia in general) than in the western world.

If you bring a Filipina woman back to the western world with you will she remain faithful?

Or will she be like a kid in a candy store with so many western men around?

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belajar bahasa Inggris adalah bisa dapetin kenalan Bule. Cuma buat yang pake pasti akan mencibir, “Orang yang bangga berteman sama Bule, mentalnya masih inlander”. Tapi, pas lihat ceweknya , kok biasa-biasa aja tuh.

Kan kalau punya teman Bule rasanya keren banget gitu lho. Mungkin ngak masuk kriteria incaran para laki-laki pribumi.

Many girls here have never tried a foreigner and just want to try it out.

Even if they already are committed to a guy they don’t see a problem with it and are happy to have fun.

Kalau Ortu setuju, and kamu-pun memang sayang banget sama Si-Bule, ya tentunya nikah adalah pilihan yang terbaik. Sebut saja Arumi Bachin, Cinta Laura, Ahmad Dani, Rianty Cartwright, Tamara Bleszynski dan suami barunya Mike Lewis, serta sederetan nama lainnya.

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