How to use cursors for updating in pl sql

READ ONLY Prevents updates made through this cursor.

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DYNAMIC Defines a cursor that reflects all data changes made to the rows in its result set as you scroll around the cursor.

The data values, order, and membership of the rows can change on each fetch.

SCROLL cannot be specified if FAST_FORWARD is also specified.

conflict with the functionality of the requested cursor type.

The ABSOLUTE fetch option is not supported with dynamic cursors.

FAST_FORWARD Specifies a FORWARD_ONLY, READ_ONLY cursor with performance optimizations enabled.

KEYSET Specifies that the membership and order of rows in the cursor are fixed when the cursor is opened.

The set of keys that uniquely identify the rows is built into a table in tempdb known as the keyset.

If a row is deleted, an attempt to fetch the row returns an @@FETCH_STATUS of -2.

Updates of key values from outside the cursor resemble a delete of the old row followed by an insert of the new row.

The cursor is only implicitly deallocated at disconnect.

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