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The two were spotted snuggling before Trina’s LA Pride Day performance.

The Hip Hop Dating Guide Activity Book - The “street-smart” approach to healthy dating for young adults.

Current trends, cultures and disciplines such as Martial Arts, Reggae and Soul Train also had an effect and resulted in New School Hip Hop styles evolving in the late 1980’s.

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Old School / New School, General History The Old School Hip Hop Styles such as Locking, Popping and Break dancing or B-boying emerged from the USA in the 1970’s, and were a result of improvisational steps and moves from the streets and clubs.

Old-school music had fast beats which matched the breaking moves.

These were moves that everybody could do unlike the Old School Styles.

However, new school dance in present time is much more evolved and complex.

Music videos of artists such as Bobby Brown, Bell Biv Devoe, Heavy D, and M. Hammer proved that a new way of dance was coming alive and young dancers were ready to explore this new form.

New moves were and are continually being invented by creative and innovative versions and mixing of the Old School Styles.

June 23, 2016: Congratulations are in order – Erica Mena from Love & Hip Hop is no longer single.

You’ll recall that Erica and Bow Wow had a very MESSY break up bout a year ago. Trina has admitted to being bisexual in the past – she was in a relationship with Missy.

The 1980's saw the emergence of a new style of hip hop into rap videos, distinguished from original break dancing styles by its concentration on footwork as opposed to acrobatics.

Hereafter, the emergence of house music saw hip hop re-invent itself again with a broader range of influences and freer expression.

Locking includes quite a lot of acrobatics and physically demanding moves, such as landing on one's knees and the split.

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