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The ideal date stems not from archaic gender roles but from unadulterated openness and curiosity.It’s not about what you can get from someone but what you are comfortable sharing with them.

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I think starting from a place of gratitude might actually be an ideal foundation for a date.

Gratitude and happiness have a symbiotic relationship, so what I would really be creating is an aura of contentment. I can just sit there, and let myself grow engaged and open and surprised. I wouldn’t judge their uncool T-shirt as soon as they walked in and they wouldn’t evaluate my low-cut dress.

So many of us are doing easy math in our heads just based on what our date is wearing.

Although, fashion is art and fashion is important, it shouldn’t throw up barriers.

At this theoretical happy hour, no one is scheming to see how far they can push the sexual boundaries.

No one is networking or angling for a business connection.

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When sex becomes the hub of a date, people have split attention.

They’re both present at the bar and thinking forward to the liaison.

But is there something we can do to mitigate our disappointment?

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