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Kelly wrote while doing so.) Mickey then asked Henry if he knows that some people think it’s a little weird that he, a 32-year-old grown, is in a serious relationship with a 19-year-old.

Henry knows and thinks it’s okay because he’s been on the other side before.

He said the older lady taught him “things I can’t mention in this article.” Cavill and King, who is enrolled at Bristol University, were first spotted together last October at a soccer match at Twickenham Stadium in London.

The actor had previously been linked to mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano, and briefly dated Kaley Cuoco in 2013.

Henry basically said that it’s amazing that they both have ears since they have practically talked each other’s off.

(Tip: If you’re trying to make a point that there’s really nothing wrong with dating a 19-year-old when you’re 32, maybe it’s best not to quote a song that R.

It’s actually real and true sign of someone’s maturity.

But in this case, she’s fantastic.” Check out CDL for more of Hollywood’s latest news stories and gossip!Word has it that she’s intimidated by Cavill’s costar Gal Gadot, who quickly became a role model for girls and boys because of her personality and the fact that she’s portraying an iconic female comic book character.In an interview with People, Gadot was proud to share that she’s playing Wonder Woman. It is so important for girls and boys to have a female, strong, super hero to look up to.” Of course, Gal Gadot has had her fair share of controversy; and addressing all the bashers of her casting for the film, she said, “For me being an actress, my responsibility is not to pay attention to all the noise around me and to pay attention to the script and the director and protect the character and try to tell her story the best I can.” Romantically, Tara King does not mind that her heartthrob beau is starring alongside Gadot and Lois Lane actress Amy Adams, who recently revealed that the bathtub scene with Cavill was the most memorable one she did for the upcoming DC flick. Plus, her boyfriend has openly admitted his deep affection for her, saying: “People say age is just a number.But when I first met my girlfriend, I was super intimidated. I mean, when Tara went on and on about her favorite dude from 5 Seconds of Summer, Henry had to nod and pretend like he knows what a 5 Seconds of Summer is.And when Tara asked him what his Snap Chat was, he had to pretend like he had to piss so he could run off to the bathroom to look up what Snap Chat is and create an account real quick. Okay, but well, we do know what that 32-year-old didn’t teach Henry.

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