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Genuine connection not found on dating sites in my case but via a new interest in the "real world" Signed up and paid for premium membership. Can't fault quality of members on there however the way RSVP manage the stamp refunds is of some concern.There was a couple of instances where I requested a stamp refund and received very good service and no questions asked.Risky when there are so many other dating products available these days.

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Was totally conned by someone who pretended to be someone he never was. Am never subjecting myself to the dangers of online dating ever again.

He continues to be your most prolific user and I urge everyone to do background checks on dates before you get conned like me. Various quality of members - no complaints on that front and you can control who you speak to. Lacking Duty of Care in monitoring scammers/fake profiles using the site.

However they seemed to have tightened down on this (I can only assume) recently and I was told of these certain circumstances on stamp refunds.

Stamps are not cheap and come at a premium - as previous reviews, this site is all about profit before service.

Decided to try this site for what's its worth.

Problem is the guys get endless fake attacks for the unaware gents.

Oh and I'm no dumb bunny he just has many years of practice and as it turns out a criminal record for assault on a previous partner. Their definition of Customer Service is rude; unskilled; keyboard bogans.

Motivation appears to be money grubbing over service.

Hiding narcissism, not much to offer genuine women, inflated sense of themselves and totally looks and age driven.

So many 55 year old men looking for 35 year old women. Honesty, realism and well rounded adults of both sexes make for lasting connections and fulfilling relationships.

At the moment RSVP's balance sheets look good using the UNVERIFIED PHOTO strategy but when RSVP is forced to introduce verified photos business will decline rapidly.

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