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if you have any special requirements there is a space to write them in the Checkout area. At the time of Caesar's assassination, Augustus was visiting Illiricum.

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Later he was sent by Nero to quell the first Jewish revolt.

After the civil wars of 68-9, he was proclaimed Emperor by his troops, and became sole ruler of the Roman world on the death of Vitellius six months later.

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Rather unusually, every letter of his name is visible. He was born in AD 9, the son of a minor tax official.

He showed considerable military skill and commanded part of the army that successfully invaded Britain under Claudius in AD43.

Postage is charged at 3% of the order value for UK customers and at 6% of the Order value for US/World customers. Obverse depicts head of King Ancus Marcius and the reverse, an aqueduct (the Aqua Marcia) surmounted by an equestrian statue.

The postage cost is always for the most insured method of sending and will automatically be added to your order before you make payment. This moneyer was the step brother to Octavian, the future Emperor Augustus. The first Roman Emperor, Augustus (at first known as Octavian) was adopted by his great Uncle Julius Caesar as his son and heir.

Later they patched up their differences, and together with Lepidus, formed a Triumverate and set about wreaking vengeance on the murderers of Julius Caesar.

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