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The family of critically injured Phil Hughes were today at his bedside as the Australian cricketer fought for life after he was struck on the head by a cricket ball in an horrific accident at Sydney Cricket Ground.

His family were joined by close friend Michael Clarke, who returned to St Vincent's Hospital at 7am this morning to be by Hughes' side.

So unlike u, I totally hate people like park si hoo with such poor characters. I also love beautiful Park Si Hoo Sii so much that sometimes I almost hate him. Ruwi, I hate lots of actors but I've never once wasted my time going to their sites. I'm MAD AS HELL because I can no longer watch another one of my favorite Korean actors! The first time I watched PSH kdrama (Princess' Man) I was caught with his smile. People around the globe are begging to see him one more time. But i can not find Let Marry with PSH as second lead. I am constantly looking for his presence on the TV and its like he was erased from Korean memories. I have watched family honor for more than 10 times. Don't ruin his live because of an unprovable scandal. He is a great actor with all his dramas and movies being hit. I prefer watching the people on the street of Seoul and particularly in S Korea's country side -there you see the true diversity of Korea, which is the true beauty of Korea -not the superficial worship that is found on places like this. I became a fan of his the first time I watched him act but when I saw how he treats his fans with the utmost kindness and respect, I was an even bigger fan. Have to say your pairing with moon only added to your appeal. After that I was eager to see more and more other movies with him. He and Moon Chae Won have such great chemistry on screen, it is understandable why fans wish they were dating. After watching The Princess' Man, i was extremely amazed by Park si hoo acting skills. KBS2 so much Thanks of all and director TPM Today night it’s the last episode today! I'm from Indonesia your drama the prosecutor Princess, is a very exciting,amazing and beautiful for viewers. really i like your smile and you have baby face...luck and God bless you..... i hope someday i can go to korea just to see you or maybe you can visit here again in japan..oozing with sex appeal and for that i cant take my eyes off know what ur like a drug to me because now im addicted to you: Di love you!! wishing you more blessings because i know you do have a good heart... ( Really is very unfortunate ) We thanks of all and too much PSH & MCW We love PSH and MCW so much. We want to see they both live together until the end.

He is sooo gorgeous and talented that I just want him ALL to myself too. You must be a psycho who really is in love with beautiful Park Si Hoo. Why not remove the claws out and limitations off him and give him another chance? I could say that this is his greatest asset which absolutely complimented his good look. Every person made a mistake and i'm sure he already learned from it.. I think about he has had to endure for a bad choice that he made. Why can't people enjoy and critique performances based on actions rather than on how they look. Stop being so rude, idiotic and bitchy and leave this really cool guy alone! i am one of the biggest fans of Park Si Ho in Indonesia. Are you coming to the bay area of northern California some day? The way he reacted when he was almost dying in the jail (last ep)really touched me. hope it will be a happy ending.the other hand, sad that it’s going to end soon.. You know what, your acting in Princess Prosecutor has succeeded melt my heart. ^__^ Hai park shi hoo or seo in wo in princess presecutor. i'm very like with your acting because i think you're good talent and also handsome. ocey, that enough for my comment, i hope you read it :-) The Million Spectator look forward and waiting for This drama beautiful, exciting, Professional "The Princess, Man". KBS2 TPM We look forward to next Ep 16 drama *TPM* Love / revenge / bleeding Which will win?!! best wish in life for all actors (PSH & MCW & LMW & HSH) in this drama.

You should learn to express your feelings correctly. He deserves to be Forgiven and pardoned for whatever offense he committed. I had also came upon the news that struck his career. And if you look he is extremely handsome and has no need to rape anyone. It is too easy to do that, but to really unravel the nuances of a performance by analysing how the actor brings the performance alive is the only way to really have a true appreciation on what they can do -and still that does not make the actor and character the same thing. After watches your drama Princess Prosecutor, i become fall in love to you cuz your good acting and handsome face. The tears was so real that i could somehow feel it and understand his pain. We hope the next drama,s PSH should be one good and nice love story. THANKS of PSH and MCW with much love MORE MORE MORE We will see you soon in won prize drama 2011 at the festival Asia, Europa, Amrica Especially Thnaks of PSH & MCW in the best drama 2011 The Princess, Man. We hope These two are in more drama,s acted together. The all drama of PSH is very beautiful THANK YOU KBS2 such a amazing drama. I love a man who has such a pure love like Seo In Woo has. i'm meylinda from indonesiaa, do you know indonesia?? Park Si Hoo and Moon Chae Won are very nice together acted. Perfect actor, Lovely actor and ability to all rol.

However that does not affect my perception that he is a good actor. she had motive and agenda and I am sorry his talent has been sidetracked to China . Since I'm a solid fan of Lee Minho(1987), I didn't know anything about Park Si Hoo until my classmate convinced me to watch some of his dramas. Then in The Princess Man, your acting become more and more good. heard that you got earthquake experience in Bali, hope you not feel sorry and will come again to Indonesia. The pain of being separated from someone who you really love. PSH & MCW are ability to all role and acting Perfect. And I think that you have some of Seo In Woo's personality inside of you, am I right?

The Australian captain had left just hours before after spending seven hours in hospital supporting Hughes in the intensive care unit.

Some of Hughes' team-mates also arrived at the hospital this morning, including Australian wicket keeper Brad Haddin.Horrified onlookers at the match watched as paramedics performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the batsman and treated him on the boundary for about 40 minutes.Hughes' mother and sister were in the stands at the time of the incident. Waiting for his next drama and will catch up on some of the others I have not seen. Love all his works and look forward to more & more. Extremely upset with those who claim he doesn't show remorse to what's happened on the legal matter. In, Cheongdomdong Alice He is funny and scary and gosh I don't know what else because I am only on episode 3.. Please, feel the love around you and use it as a shield to protect you! Be proud to have reached and moved so many hearts... I have cried at the depth of love you have shown on screen. Take this crisis to be an opportunity for new beginnings. If only i can go to Korea, i will definitely attend his fan meeting and watch his drama with him. oh my god,really this drama is very too much Hot,exciting,amazing and beautiful. they are so cute together, and we think they have chemisty! ), We want to know what happen next after that last scene...!!! Park Si-Hoo we hope to see you in a next drama love story with beautiful girl. Asia Pepole Mr Park shi hoo, We watching all drama of you. He is my favorite man and will be my favorite Korean actor all of time. Definitely need more of Park Shi-Hoo to give dramas real mature acting. In, "The Pricess Man I loved his bravery and good character. Not because you are an amazing actor..because you are this or that...because you are a person who has shown pieces of his soul and heart to us. @sally...because someone doesn't remember what they did the night before, while they were drunk (or "saying" they don't remember) doesn't always mean they "passed out". A person is supposed to be innocent until PROVEN guilty. And I just have two words left to say "aspiring" "actress." You are the most heartfelt actor I have ever watched. how come, korean media isn't doing well, the both side must reveal there names (not only the name of PSH), agrrrrhh.. In life, there are always challenges and adversity. But then, on Prosecutor Princess and The Princess' Man, he can cry a lot. I like it that he always spend time with his fans and watch the last episode of his dramas together with them. Thanks of all ( Tema) Hello,dear Park Shi Hoo, We( I & all Family & my friends) love too much Park Shi hoo and Moon Chae Won together in this drama TPM !!! We love you only Park Si Hoo,because his very very attractive man,handsome,very ability to all rol, and the best star actor in Korean.There are many actors exist, But Park Si Hoo is the Only One. Then, I watched his epic drama, The Princess' Man, and it was a blast. At first, honestly I was a bit disappointed but then I realized that those things are in fact inevitable especially when your'e in Showbiz. what kind of woman she is staying in man's apartment in wee hour she is... THIS DRAMA TPM was very exciting, different,amazing,sad love and beautiful.

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