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TEXTUAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE GOTHIC The following list identifies some key characteristics of the gothic text.

No text is likely to display all of these, and some of the qualities below tend towards the mutually exclusive; nevertheless the list should prompt some useful reflection:•a fascination for the past, particularly — but not exclusively — the medieval era•a liking for the strangely eccentric, the supernatural, the magical, and the sublime, sometimes subtly intermingled with the realistic•psychological insights, especially into sexuality, through (at best) fascinating and intricate characterisation, or (at worst) stereotypical caricatures•representation and stimulation of fear, horror, the macabre and the sinister, within the context of a general focus on the emotional rather than the rational•frequently exotic settings and locations, although this tendency may be contrasted to a more 'domestic' gothic tradition, especially found amongst American texts•plots within plots often multiple narrators, and other stylistic characteristics such as the use of 'tableaux' and overt symbolism.

While Gothic horror stories became popular in German literature, the Gothic novel originated in England with the publication of Horace Walpole's novel The Castle of Otranto (1765), which Walpole called a “Gothic story”.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein belongs specifically to the Gothic genre, but Gothic or supernatural motifs also appear in the poetry of Coleridge, Byron, and Keats.

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