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She was naked on the back seat with her legs spread open and her back against the window, I was naked and had just put a condom on, and just when I my dick touched her pussy and I was finding her glourious hole she said ‘Not gonna happen’ to which I replied ‘Well, it is happening’.

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One crucial beta move jumps out — you let a girl sleep in your bed with you without getting any nookie.

In other words, she got everything (companionship, sleep, validation, emotional orgasm) and you got nothing except Olympian blue balls.

If men didn’t get hard-ons from looking at the female body, the species would die out.

If seeing a man of less than movie-star attractiveness made women wet, the species would decline because we wouldn’t be choosy enough to evaluate men’s genetic fitness and reliability as a provider before letting them fertilize us.

When I started reading PUA stuff, I found that some of their principles were things I had figured out about women through brutal experience.

It’s too bad I didn’t discover PUA before I got fed up with women, but pussy isn’t worth putting up with women. In the meantime, far from the Riviera, Les Tumultueuses (Tumultuous Women), a group of radical feminists, has staged several topless actions at Parisian public pools.The old rules of behavior for unmarried girls were designed to protect pinheaded females like this.Feminists have robbed those dimbos of that safety and thrown them to the wolves.) Roissy agrees with me about the proper way to treat women who act like this: A better response would have been to keep your cool, get dressed, and drive her home silently.(By the way, the example I gave from that women’s magazine probably wasn’t a cocktease, just a moron.Feminists told her she could undress and get into bed with a man and expect him not to touch her, and she was stupid enough to believe them.She knew perfectly well that her behavior was leading him to believe he was going to score.

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