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However, Caroline soon breaks up with him after her transition into a vampire - in order to protect him.

Upon learning about the existence of supernatural creatures, he begins to distance himself from the Mystic Falls Gang, but eventually starts to help his friends defeat enemies that cause terror in their hometown, and also fixes his friendship with Caroline.

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After Elena Gilbert falls into a magical, coma-like slumber being Kai Parker links her to Bonnie Bennett, Matt is forced to step up his game and eventually becomes the sheriff of Mystic Falls.

During this time, Matt kicks out all vampires from the newly-human populated Mystic Falls.

Matt decides to leave Mystic Falls and start a normal life outside the world of vampires. Because Kelly and Miranda Gilbert, who was Elena's adoptive mother, were best friends since high school, Matt knew Elena since infancy, occasionally sharing a crib.

After Matt's exit from Mystic Falls, he went to look for his estranged father, Peter, and told him nothing of the supernatural creatures he had to deal with for the last seven years of his life. They grew up together, being really close childhood friends, and began dating in their teenage years feeling they owed it to themselves to try.

Matt caught up to her when she was crossing the road, and Matt got out of his Ute and kissed Caroline in the middle of the crossing in the spot light of his lights from the Ute. They were caught in a heated moment by Matt's mother, who had returned home after her boyfriend left her.

Kelly didn't like Caroline very much and called her "Matt's rebound girl".He also becomes a Medium for a short while like Jeremy Gilbert, although he could only see his sister's ghost.He began a brief relationship with Rebekah Mikaelson, and went to Europe with her at the end of Season Four, but they ended things before she had left Mystic Falls.When she became a vampire, Stefan tried to help her, but when Vicki said he was bothering her, Matt told him to leave her alone.When she disappeared again, Matt was questioned by Sheriff Forbes of her supposed whereabouts, but like everyone else, he had no clue where she had gone.He later returned to Mystic Falls and reunited with the spirits of his mother and sister, stopping them from helping Katherine destroy Mystic Falls. When Elena's parents died, she broke up with Matt because she needed time alone to figure out her feelings.

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