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Students participate in all aspects of the production, from acting to stage management.

When asked by CBC on Wednesday why they pulled their funding, both boards released the same statement a minute apart.

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After a week of backlash, London, Ont.'s Thames Valley District School Board has reversed its decision to drop funding for the Grand Theatre production of a musical about a gay student's fight to bring his date to the prom.

The public board will give $15,000 for the production of "We must be clear to the community that a mistake was made in this case.

Dennis Garnhum, artistic director of the Grand Theatre in London, Ont., says he chose Prom Queen as the 2018 high school project play because it gives students the ability to play characters their own age, in a powerful story of triumph.

(Kate Dubinski/CBC News) is based on the story of Marc Hall, a gay teenager who won his 2002 battle with the Durham Catholic School Board to take his boyfriend to the prom at a school in Oshawa, Ont.

It was chosen as this year's fall high school project play at the Grand Theatre in London.

The script has drawn the ire of the London District Catholic School Board and the Thames Valley District School Board, which are pulling the ,000, leaving a dent in the project's 0,000 budget."When we do a play on sexual abuse, whether the perpetrator is an educator, or a parent or a religious leader, we're not generalizing those people—we're sharing very important messages." Jaffe said the schools' role is not to censor these messages, but to make sure that students are able to understand them in an age-appropriate way and make connections with their curriculum.He said that when sensitive topics do come up in a performance, the school board's role is to ensure students have parental consent, and that they are prepared for the performance and have time to debrief after the fact.(Aaron Harris/Canadian Press) "This was a story about something that happened to me at my school board in Oshawa, Ont., and the script really revolves around a community coming together to help a boy, me, right a wrong," said Hall, who won the court battle against the Durham board and Monsignor John Pereyma Catholic Secondary School, and attended the prom with his then boyfriend.Parts of the script that take place at a school board and in a courtroom were verbatim from transcripts of the proceedings, said Mary Young Leckie, the Toronto-based producer of the play.Aside from saying each board's name, the full statement read: "Together, our school communities – principals, teachers, trustees, staff, students, parents – work very hard to ensure all students are supported and cared for, which is not reflected in the script." Deb Harvey, the Grand Theatre's executive director, said the two boards' move was surprising.

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