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In Samurai Bushido culture, sneaking up on the enemy from behind wasn’t allowed.

You had to face the enemy from the front, like a man.

In ancient cultures, innovation on the battlefield was met with sadness because it was seen as the end of honor, today we have little honor as we send drones to do the killing that men should be doing, or they send women, strapped with a bomb, into a crowded market to kill civilians.

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Sure, I’ll go to the gym and feel some pain, I’ll walk the pup again, but I am training to be a pussy.

My battles are won and lost not in any physical realm – as they rarely are – nor against any physical pain. They’re fought along the lines of questions, “should I take a break? ”, “do I really – face in a day as far as a struggle, there is very little strengthening of the spirit because our greatest fear is never really faced: death.

Maybe more than anywhere, the pussification of the west is seen in our insanely sensitive society where even our humor is under a microscope.

This weakness exists, in part, because it’s allowed to exist.

They had all the riches and opulence that we have today with a bit less control over the elements and a closer proximity to their enemies. We freak out if they wander off, if they rough house, if they get into trouble or break a few bones.

We train our young men to be pussies, to fear everything and to be able to withstand nothing.An hour later the young fella woke up and I walked him for an hour out in the fields close to my home.The rest of the day will be spent on my ass in front of a screen.That’s what you have with the sword or the spear and even the arrow, you have to be within your enemy’s killing range to take his life.What they would think of a woman having a bomb strapped to her chest and walking into a public place to kill civilians isn’t something that they’d likely be able to comprehend.During Alexander’s time he and his pals would bathe in frigid waters, train for hours on end, ride all day with no breaks, and just as they were about to get rest at the end of the day their teachers would tell them, “As you lie here at ease, the sons of Persia train to defeat you in battle.”What the Spartans and the Macedonians and the Romans trained for was battle.

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