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Oh that is sweet; you have been practicing that little curtsy haven’t you? Oh don’t give me that look, you are more girl than boy now, aren’t you? Don’t look up sissy, you have a job to do and when his shoes are done you still owe him a foot rub. Sissy, you have been told not to look up, you have just about earned a spanking.

You remember Pam and her husband Paul don’t you sweetheart? But be that as it may you were the one that was caught. I found out of course and confronted him; he burst into tears and told the whole story. Sit in front of Paul dear and take off his shoes, that’s a good girl.

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Submissive urination is simply your dog's instinctive reaction to a situation where they believe a human or other animal (usually another more dominant dog) in their presence is superior to them.

Submissive urination is something your dog does when feeling intimidated or threatened to show respect, acknowledge superiority or avoid confrontation.

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She is becoming the best little dancer and looks so darling in her costume. Sissy get your little table to stand on so we can all see you better. Sissy don’t pout you know you won’t be working there any more, at least not as a hotshot salesman.

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