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The Grasshopper®3 camera line provides high-performance, high-quality imaging by combining FLIR expertise with the latest in CCD and CMOS technology.

The Grasshopper3 line leverages multi-tap Sony EXview HAD CCD II™ sensors, Sony Pregius™ global shutter CMOS, and offers unique low noise imaging modes important in scientific applications.

One hundred fifty youth ages 11–19 and five adult Internet café attendants participated in the study.

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5: The biggest Pokemon-related disappointment 6: A spinoff series you would like to see more of 7: A pokemon you've always wanted to use, but haven't 8: A pokemon you'd like to see more merch of 9: A pokemon you think is overrated 10: The tastiest looking/sounding berry 11: Your favorite trainer class 12: The game with the best soundtrack 13: Your most and least favorite villains/anti-heroes 14: Your most and least favorite professors 15: Your most and least favorite champions 16: Your most and least favorite rivals 17: A game you just couldn't get into 18: A pokemon you'd like to see in Super Smash Brothers as a playable character 19: A pokemon you used to love but don't like as much any more 20: A headcanon you like 21: A headcanon you dislike 22: If you could only have one single pokemon, what would it be?

29: Do you prefer nicknamed or unnicknamed pokemon?

4: If you were a trainer, would you go on an adventure?

28: Do you have Pokemon from a Ruby/Sapphire of yours on ORAS?

me [steadily pouring the bottle of cabernet onto the white ivory floor]: that would be so good of you, marshall some yuppie dudebro: pop music has destroyed my hope for humanity me: really?

okay i’m not defending folks who don’t even make the effort, but the reason a lot of white folks will consistently mispronounce some asian (and other unfamiliar language roots) names is because they legitimately can’t hear the difference between some soundslike, linguistically speaking, because latinate & germanic languages don’t contain every single possible sound, when we come across a sound that doesn’t exist in the languages we’re familiar with, we find the sound closest to - but for some of us, they can’t actually even tell the difference between the two soundsit’s like how when we’re writing a japanese name that has the character ら in it we spell it as ‘ra’, even though the english ‘r’ sound isn’t actually the same as the consonant that starts that syllable.

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