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" So you kick and scream when you throw your tantrums, OP, or does mommy calm you down with a nice lollipop?

R11 I think you're missing OPs point that this guy was - and seemingly still is - a homophobic douche and yet still have made so many porn vids.

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"R16 and then on top of that, agree to appear in a documentary on MTV about it.

I could almost believe the idea of G4P if a guy is truly desperate, but not that they'd then be willing to make that mass-public knowledge to a non-porn audience.

R18 - first, I don't grant your premise that you can compare porn and acting, not at all.

Second, there was nothing in my post that said I don't believe G4P exists, as I just said above in this post.

The only thing that's stopping me is his mother and father still live in the small town we grew up in, and I know it would ruin their lives. Do you out the asshole and possibly ruins other people's lives ? He signed autographs of pictures from his first couple of bsb shoots. He's started a crowd fund thing , took it down and then said he could sell you phone cases , pillow cases and blankets . I'm probably just a sucker, but I saw that MTV "true" life thing and ended up feeling sorry for the guy. I can't say what's in the guy's heart or whether he is, as some say, a classic closet case or if he's genuinely G4P.

He even brought souvineers for some people back in Fairborn. Don't believe the story of him being run off by family and friends. I can't say how accurate the backstory he presented was, but whatever the details, it did seem like the guy had experienced rejection throughout his childhood and at that time he DID genuinely seem incredibly worried about losing his gf - his only real family left.

Take a look at the tattoo of the clown on his shoulder and that will make you wonder a lot of things. He later became a marine, and after his discharge somehow ended becoming a gay porn actor, not a star, in LA.

Go onto Twitter and he's huffing and puffing at some invisible account that pissed him off. I've seen his porn films, know his true identity, and would love to out this bastard for the closeted jerk I know he is.

OP - back then did you ever get the feeling he was closeted?

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