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Plant stepped down in 1997, and was replaced by Lloyd Walker.

All of the party's leaders between 19 were from London, and the party's activities were organized primarily from that city.

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The party newsletter, Freedom Flyer, was published on an occasional basis, and back copies are available online.

The Freedom Party has opposed government restrictions on free speech and freedom of expression throughout its existence, arguing that the state has no right to intervene except in cases of fraud, defamation, or the commission of crimes such as sex with children.

Freedom Party of Ontario's founding platform was summarized in the statement "Freedom Party believes that the purpose of government is to protect our freedom of choice, not to restrict it." The FPO was best known during the 1980s for its campaigns against censorship and provincial laws that restricted Sunday shopping.

Robert Metz, the party's first president, spoke for the FPO in 1987 when he argued that the Sunday shopping debate was fundamentally about freedom of choice for the retailer and consumer.

The FPO took a civil libertarian stance on hate speech and the rights of individuals to express political opinions, whether those opinions are rational or irrational, unoffensive or offensive, popular or unpopular.

In 1999, the London police wrote to Raphael Bergmann and Tyler Chilcott alleging that they were members of the Northern Alliance.

It submits that all government laws and decisions must be logical, and must at all times serve the purpose of ensuring that no person's life, liberty, or property is taken without his consent.

Freedom Party holds the pursuit of one's own happiness to be an individual's highest moral purpose.

To that end, it rejects libertarianism (which it holds is implicitly moral relativistic and anti-government), and instead champions governmental defence of the individual values of life, liberty, property.

The Freedom Party of Ontario was founded by a number of people based in the London, Ontario area, including Robert Metz and Marc Emery of London, who had founded The London Tribune (a broadsheet daily newspaper) in London in 1980 with its head office in London.

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