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The CVC Program was created by the Texas Legislature to ensure crime victims and their families do not bear the cost of violent crimes.

Professional victim advocates who work in local law enforcement departments and district attorneys’ offices balance the needs of the victims with the requirements of the criminal justice system.

Please also keep $2.6 million for OVS in 5th place on the Mayor's budget wish list - this will help us reverse harmful cuts made to victim services over the last few years." April 27, 2012 | Categories: CALL TO ACTION, DC, Domestic Violence Benefits, Funding, Funding | Tags: April 30th, Call to Action, domestic violence programs, funding, office of crime victims, request for help | Leave a comment A Message from NRCDV: Redbook Magazine has reached out to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) and other allied national organizations for support in the development of an online video support/awareness campaign featuring the stories of domestic violence survivors.

The project will share the stories of survivors of dating/domestic violence in an effort to bring visibility to the issue, help break the silence and shame, and promote collective strength among survivors.

Professionally prepared applications are often more complete and therefore easier to process and approve – which leads to quicker reimbursements for victims.

When crime victim liaisons, victim assistance coordinators and local nonprofit agencies such as a domestic violence center or sexual assault center establish effective working relationships, victims benefit from their collaboration.

The advocate will often be the bridge and the consistent source of support for a victim during this process.

Often the job includes accompanying a victim throughout their discussions with law enforcement officials and prosecutors, facilitating information gathering, securing updates on victims’ case status, and ensuring that victims and employers understand crime victims’ rights.

Community-based advocates also help victims complete their CVC application for financial assistance from the Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund so that the financial burden associated with violent crime does not further traumatize victims.

Texas law imposes multiple requirements that victims must satisfy to be eligible for reimbursement from the CVC Fund, so advocates are particularly helpful at this stage of the process.

As victims progress out of the acute phase of a violent crime, victim advocates continue to assist them with resources and their legal rights.

If a crime was reported, investigated and verified, a crime victim liaison will transition a victim to work with a victim assistance coordinator, a legislatively mandated community-based advocate in a local prosecutor’s office.

As the State’s chief law enforcement official, I am committed to working with state and local law enforcement to protect Texas communities and prevent crime.

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