Face reading dating

Almost anything you want to know about a person can be read on their face.

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Wood supports Fire supports Earth supports Metal supports Water supports Wood Wood crashes Earth crashes Water crashes Fire crashes Metal crashes Wood Therefore, if you and your partner are in the support cycle then the relationship can be very good e.g. If that is the case then it would not be suitable to enter this relationship for a person who did not have the patience for such traits.

Of course all of us have these traits to a certain extent but the problem arises when these traits are out of control and result in a traumatic relationship.

This material is not available in any books and is only passed from teacher to student.

Priya performs workshops internationally teaching the art of face reading.

These qualities are all visible on our faces, but only if we learn to read and recognize them.

Face reading can be a means of determining the health, character, relationships and luck of an individual.

We will learn how to map the facial areas, relating them to the 12 palaces, which define aspects of health, wealth, partner and property etc.

Charting the ‘age map’ details yearly influences according to the conditions of specific areas of the face.

Or will this potential boyfriend or girlfriend be a good match for me?

The onslaught of online dating has inundated me with friends and clients sending me photo after photo of potential boyfriend and girlfriend material to check their suitability for them.

So you may be wondering how reliable face reading actually is?

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