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Thermochronology results by the method of fission-track dating of apatite suggest three obvious uplifting stages of the Bogad Mountain Chain re-orogeny during the Cenozoic, i.e. The strongest uplifting stage of the mountain is the second one at 20–30 Ma, when the mountain uplifted as a whole, and the beginning of re-orogeny was no less than 65 Ma.

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Beside the comprehensive map of the African variants obtained from genotypes of 1,481 individuals and whole-genome sequences of 320 individuals, authors offered a design of the array suitable to capturing variants of African populations.

Summary and comments of the paper Comparing ~2.2 million variants of 18 ethno-linguistic groups from sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), authors found modest differentiation among SSA populations (mean pairwise Fst = 0.019) and among Niger-Congo language groups (mean pairwise Fst = 0.009).

The authors observed highly differentiated SNPs in two population structure approaches to inspect the positive selection due to local adaptive forces.

One approach was to observe highly differentiated SNPs between Euroasian and African populations.

The authors were interested in the more detailed gene flow effect among the African populations by masking Euroasian admixture.

The results showed reduced population differentiation, suggesting that Euroasian admixture has a significant impact on those populations.

The authors found that the most probable number of clusters of worlds populations in ADMIXTURE analysis is k = 18.

Unfortunately, it is not clearly seen from the supplementary data that the CV error of clusters was lowest for k = 18.

2007CB411305), National Science Foundation of China (Grant No.

40572116) and National Project of Geological Survey (Grant No.

In the article, authors suggested that the modest differentiation among Niger-Congo language group showed evidence for ‘Bantu expansion’.

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