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No, that isn’t me/ Stranger getting nearer/ Who can this person be?

Rise like a phoenix/ Out of the ashes/ Rather than vengeance seeking retribution.”I ask Steven about his future plans.

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“At night I work in a strange bar/ impersonating every star/ I’m quite crafty,“ wrote Charles Aznavour, more than four decades ago.

“Each night the men look so surprised/ As I change my sex before their eyes.” The drag queen song ”What Makes a Man?

By 1965, The first drag queen Imperial Court System was founded.

The limited recognition of drag in popular culture has begun in the mid-’60s and swiftly expanded to the art world from the "Whitney Biennial" to the Tate Museum’s "Queer British Art" and the New Art Dealers Alliance's "Contemporary Drag" show.

Not until the mid 17th century, when King Charles II lifted the ban on women’s acting, were they allowed to perform in Britain.

In America, to avoid arrest for drag in the 1950s, New York men had to put on a minimum of three pieces of male clothing.

I admired Steven Reeder’s Ophelia Belle of Iowa City before we met.

She is a rising star in the local world of drag entertainment.

These behaviors and expectations are rejected by an increasing number of people.

They argue that sex does not define gender; while sex is a biological organization, gender is a social construct created and developed by society.

Consistent with previous meta-analyses, additive genetic effects accounted for about a quarter (23.64%) of the variance (95%CI 20.17, 27.09%) with the remainder accounted for by non-shared environmental influences.

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