The so-called Tartaria Tablets are three artifacts recovered in 1961 from a Neolithic site in Tartaria, Romania.

Since their discovery, the three enigmatic tablets have created confusion and excitement among archaeologists. According to many authors and scholars, these enigmatic tablets are evidence of the OLDEST writing on the planet, even predating the ancient Sumerian writing.


“We’re really excited about the launch of ‘Earth Date’ a program that we feel is going to change the way people think about how they relate to the Earth and the environment,” said Scott W.

Tinker, the voice of “Earth Date” and the director of the Bureau of Economic Geology, which is producing the program.

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Whether you are a green single in search of an eco-aware counterpart or are currently in a relationship with a fellow tree hugger, there are plenty of dating activities out there that are more environmentally friendly than your typical dinner and a movie.

With these helpful tips and ideas, green-dating not only becomes easier, but it becomes fun for you, your date and the planet! So you’re an environmentally savvy single whose last date was ruined the second they pulled into your driveway in an SUV the size of Texas.the Balkans) corresponding mainly to modern-day Serbia, but also parts of Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia, and parts of Greece.Experts claim that the symbols depicted on the Tartaria tablets represent the earliest form of writing.Archaeologists argue that the tablets originated as far back as 5,500 BC.This is beyond fascinating because it would mean that contrary to what mainstream scholars suggest, the ancient Sumerians may NOT have been the first people to invent the earliest form of writing—which by the way is said to have appeared around 3,500 BC.The Tartaria tablets bear symbols of the Neolithic Vinča culture.

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