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Uni Sim Design Suite is a powerful process modeling software that provides steady state and dynamic process simulation in an integrated environment.

It provides powerful tools to help engineers evolve process optimization designs with lower project risks, prior to committing to capital expenditures.

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We present a new approach that provides type-safe dynamic updating of native code in an extremely flexible manner (functions and types may be updated, and at any time) and permits the use of automated tools to aid the programmer in the updating process.

Our system is based around dynamic patches made up of proof-carrying code that both contain the updated code and the code needed to transition from the old version to the new.

We discuss our experience building and maintaining Flash Ed.

Performance experiments show that updateable Flash Ed runs roughly 2% slower than a static one under various work loads.

Noteworthy among his research accomplishments is the development of analysis and compilation tools for enabling software to be safely updated while it runs.

He has explored the design of new programming languages and analysis tools for automatically discovering or remediating software flaws and security vulnerabilities.

Many important applications must run continuously and without interruption, yet must be changed to fix bugs or upgrade functionality.

To date, no existing dynamic updating system has achieved a practical balance between flexibility, correctness, ease-of-use, and low overhead.

The aim has been to develop a model for dynamic updating of software.

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