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In the school's alumni directory, he's still listed at that address.She was the cute, vivacious head cheerleader and homecoming queen with the million-dollar smile.

I'm dating a married man) in order to create interest.

A mother whose infant child was allegedly murdered by her former lover has spoken out about her harrowing story to television host Dr Phil.

"He seemed to be a very smart guy, but that was just a perception, not because I knew it for a fact. He really kept to himself." Mc Graw is remembered fondly by his coach and the guys who played football with him.

He played all three years, recalled Larry Taylor of Overland Park, Kan., former head football coach and teacher at North.

He was the newcomer who spoke with a cowboy drawl from Oklahoma; some of the kids made fun of him for sounding like a hick.

One classmate described him as the strong, silent type, literally standing head and very broad shoulders above his classmates.

She didn't know that her child had already been fatally injured.'He was like "no he's asleep," so I put his pacifier on the arm of the couch and went back upstairs.

'I guess that's whenever he picked up Lincoln and carried his body around.

Franklin was then seen kicking towards something on the floor which is not visible.

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