teenager dating chat sites - Do dating sites send spam

I would say just go out there and meet real people and spend the money on an evening out or on mini breaks (hotel breaks) otherwise you will be trapped in the fantasy airy fairyland by hoping that there is always someone better waiting for you around the corner (a better, bigger fish to fry...

Although I never saw it again it may have just been blocked from my account. I had an account for nearly a month, and ran into various issues.

I feel they spied on my messages, banned my account without cause or reason, would change info on my profile without asking or warning me, 'guys' would message me, and they were automatic messages coming from random accounts, the guys even confirmed they did not send them, it was the same exact message every single time.

Recently my account was closed by Zoosk, upon asking what was up, they said my account had been spammed and needed to be closed. To read the reply, I joined for 30 dollars, and also got charged an additional 100 for coins I didn't want and the lady Profile I can't find. If you are into Tinder-style-dating (pictures only, no profile, or a few basic intro words) - this it might be the one for you - however why would you like to pay £25 month for this shallow way of hooking up with people?

So I asked for a refund being I had no access to the site. I have it saved in my browser, but it wants me to subscribe. Firstly, if you did subscribe to try and test it - Go to your Settings and make sure that you Cancel your Auto Subscription (this type of business should be illegal in the UK IMHO).

They stated you have 72 hours to cancel subscription but when I called to cancel it after 48 hours, the customer service help told me, "You paid it and there is no refund." They even offer me a 50% discount if I remained as a member and other upgrades.

I was talking to a couple of ladies, they were all scams trying to steal your identity and bank information.

Thereafter inform your bank to block them to take further money from you.

Don't leave to the last minute - you will forget it.

Two wanted to change the way I look ("you look nice but I would prefer longer hair...").

I am quite assertive and would consider myself reasonably attractive for my age (mid 40s regular exercise, healthy eating, wear a "chin-length-bob", natural makeup etc...).

Indeed, his emails were very explicit but he also said he was "looking for the last woman he would make love to".

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