create attraction online dating - Differences in chinese american cultural dating

On a dating site like China Love, where people from very different cultures are coming together in hopes of finding a life mate or spouse, it’s important for both sides to seriously consider how the other person’s culture differs from their own when it comes to the dating process.

It is understood that there is no expectation of exclusivity yet, much less marriage.

One can date more than one person at the same time for fun or while he/she is still looking for that special connection with another.

And most of the rest of the world has adopted this modern “mating” practice not only to seek out a mate to satisfy the very human need to reproduce, but also to seek out love.

There used to be a time when dating in America was guided by religion and/or society’s ethical standards and mores.

I am not saying all kids are choosing to go steady but an increasing majority.

Of course we will always have the wild ones in every generation.

To the luckiest of us, love just happens; but for most, it is an elusive goal, a difficult destination, or an unfulfilled dream.

Whatever our cultural background is, the pursuit of love is part of human nature.

As modern society evolved, so did our “mating” practices.

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