Destiny speed dating

One man checks out a particularly good-looking agent ahead of us and remarks that he's nervous enough about saying anything to her, let alone his pitch.

I have two things to pitch, a novel (literary, but fast-moving -- "athletic," I tell them with a flourish) and a children's story about a bear cub (with cute illustrations). I make an unfortunate strategic misstep in my second line, which wastes a precious 45 minutes because the agent is allowing people to ignore the bells.

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Some can hardly disguise that they have no interest in the specific plotline of your book.

I hear from several people (including the agents themselves) that agents can read one page of a book and instantly know whether the writer has talent or the book is publishable.

Many of the writers -- a diverse bunch, young and old -- wear twitchy first-date smiles, fidgeting in their chairs through the preliminaries.

For many in the room it is their first -- and possibly last -- date with an agent, and the pressure to perform well enough to get a second date is mounting.

The writers strike up a pleasant camaraderie during the long waits.

They swap stories of their past dates or tell people about the valuable papers clutched in their briefcases and folders.It smells like sweaty palms, hotel carpet and printer paper. Whatever it is, it hangs over the anxious crowd of several hundred that has wedged itself, shoulder to shoulder, into the cramped room. But there's an extra layer of nervousness at this particular event, part of the first San Francisco Writers' Conference, staged in the gilded halls of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel.The irresistible title, "Speed Dating With Agents, " seems to have drawn every Tom, Dick and Harriet with a dusty manuscript in the back drawer. While writers instinctively fear these experts in human trafficking who wield enormous power in a notoriously political literary scene, they also know that agents hold the key to success with major publishers who otherwise wouldn't even deign to send a rejection e-mail.But now's not the time for philosophizing; I'm about to start dating."This is going to be chaos," someone whispers behind me.On my first date, I am told that bears don't talk to humans. Surprisingly, nobody gets irate, and there are no fights about standing in the hopelessly tangled lines in a room that should have been twice as large.

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