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Dewey is next seen jogging into the 1970s, and hosting a CBS variety television show.

But his song-block prevents him from writing a masterpiece for his brother.

Dewey then is brought to the studio where he is interrupted while recording a rockabilly rendition of “That’s Amore”.

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During a band visit to India, Dewey takes LSD with The Beatles, which causes Dewey to lose touch with reality yet again and have a Yellow Submarine-esque hallucination.

Dewey becomes obsessed with every aspect of the recording process and is consumed with creating his masterpiece entitled Black Sheep (an homage to Brian Wilson’s Smile).

(In the director’s cut, Dewey remarries again, this time to Cheryl Tiegs).

Nate appears again and tells Dewey that he needs to tell Pa that he loves him.

The band does not appreciate his insane style of music and his continuous abuse of the others in the group.

As a result, the band breaks up; Darlene is also unable to deal with Dewey’s insanity and drug problems and leaves him.He then snaps at his monkey companion, who is “only concerned with fruit and touching himself”.Dewey is eventually busted after purchasing drugs from an undercover cop, serves time in jail, and spends time in rehab before Darlene returns.His attitude and drug problems cause him to become unfaithful to Edith.Dewey’s father then returns to inform Dewey that Dewey’s mother has died.Pa manages to make Dewey feel responsible for her death, contributing to an already high level of inner turmoil.

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