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Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales decried the ban on Twitter: The dating shows, a staple of Turkish daytime TV, were hugely popular, and the government had been mulling cancelling them for the last few months.Feminists found them debasing and conservatives thought they profaned the institution of marriage, the New York Times reports.“They are against our family values, culture, faith, and traditions,” said Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmuş of the shows last month.

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Currently: 120 journalists are behind bars, the largest number of journalists in detention in any country Many have been held there for months, and some are placed in solitary confinement More than 173 newspapers have reportedly been shut down, with more than 2,500 fired as a result Since the referendum vote, 1,000 workers have been detained and another 9,000 suspended on accusations of ties to an Islamist group led by an American-based cleric, Fetullah Gullen, whom Erdoğan blames for the failed coup in the summer of 2016.

More than 140,000 people have been expelled from the country.

It’s a fact: Most guys who aren’t good with women don’t use kino (kinesthetics), that is touching, at all!

Some of them are so nervous meeting a girl that they forget about touching completely and when it comes to their mind it feels awkward (the logic: I haven’t touched her the whole time, so it would be strange to do it now).

The reason why (Major & Heslin, 1982; Summerhayes & Suchner 1978).

And as you probably know nothing is more important for women than your status (not even shoes, because it’s your status that is promising shoes etc.).

And no, it’s not weird being “the touchy guy” – as long as you are authentic.

That means you need to be the touchy guy all the time, with everyone and not only with her in a cozy lounge.

One of the world’s largest collections of living plants, the Royal Botanic Garden is made up of four different gardens and was first established in 1670.

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