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Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.

When she was done I heard him giggling and I started to smile really big "Yeah and she thinks you are HAWT like SSSUPER HAWT!! I blushed really hard so I playfully punched my friends arm and cover my face with my hands.

"Awww don't cover your beautiful face, sweetie" My face shot up and was in shock, my face turned 50 shades of red ad started to freak out "d-did...j-just said what I th-think you j-just said" I said while stuttering, I do that when I'm REALLY happy or embarrassed.

In March 2011, she landed the role of Emma in the BBC Three sitcom White Van Man, The play received poor reviews and ticket sales, and on 13 July the production announced via their official website that the play had been cancelled and would be ending the following week, a month earlier than scheduled.

In November 2013, she appeared in and produced the Doctor Who homage anniversary webcast The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot; as producer she was credited under her married name of Georgia Tennant (though her acting appearance is credited under Georgia Moffett).

They were also seen together at a pub in the Cardiff area last week.

An onlooker commented: "They sneaked in and sat in a corner, chatting quietly."They kept a low profile but were all over each other, holding hands and giggling like naughty teenagers.

I just stood there in amazed and started to breathe heavy and started to cry.

Then my friend saw me and started to calm me down before David saw me like this but it was to late, David was jolting this way to see what was going on.

Olive made her screen debut at two, playing John Barrowman's daughter in The Five-ish Doctors.

On 5 January 2013, Jonathan Ross announced, during a television interview with Tennant, that Moffett was pregnant for the third time.

" "Are you sure (Y/N)" my friend said in concern "yes I'm good now" I happily said "Now (Y/N), is it okay if I buy you a drink" "sure David why not" I fangirled SOOOO much inside then I looked around since she randomly disappeared then my phone buzzed, it was her, it said that she left so me and David alone and so I texted her thank you and that I owe her one.

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