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The sample articles he supplies on this thread for viewing folks DO NOT do Sebastion credit as to what he will provide. Must ----- have ------- Sebastian -------- content. When I saw Sebastian’s offer, I figured it might be a great way to leverage the investments I’ve already made, but was cautious because the price was so low.As soon as I get this site ready and launched I will be ordering more. You told me in one of your emails that your intention was to get me hooked on your content. I contacted Sebastian – he immediately suggested I send him a ‘test’ article.

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Each article was well researched, conversational, and enjoyable to read. Paula S Just a note to those on the fence about this offer. If you are not getting Sebastian to write for you, you are missing out on a secret treasure.

I requested the free samples on the 29th and Sebastion replied promptly saying that "He was on it..." I got a PM from the very next day with a link to download the sample articles and I have to tell you they are amazing. If it was good, I will do the same thing for the next topic. Michael Hi Warriors, it’s hard to find good writers i tested Sebastian’s skills on 2 very difficult niches, in fact one was refused by most of the writers i work with.

Exclusive products and services available only at Warrior Forum Get great deals on Internet Marketing Products, Services, Trainings and other Offers at the world's largest Internet marketing marketplace Well, simply speaking, if you want an AWESOME ebook SUPERFAST, then we will make one for you. Of course, the content will be totally unique, free of spelling or grammar mistakes and completely original, but that's obvious.

You'll not have to worry about wasting your life away at the keyboard when you could enjoy your family life. An ebook cover (both for the PDF and for the website) 3. Original, Quality articles - at an additional charge. I attached two ebook samples to this post (they are not full ebooks, just parts of them for you to see) Here's a site I did for the dating market recently.

I’ve added him to my “support team” roster.

I have a project that will ramp up in a few days and I’ll be placing my project in what I believe are very capable hands. Regards, Alex I have to say, Sebastian did a great job with my articles.

The quality of his (or his team's) writing skills is perfect. And i highly recommend you save yourself the trouble of all the crappy work delivered at elance and hire him before he increase his price just a no brainer Sebastian , i’ll send you a bigger order end of this week All the best Halille – My Review – I’ve been focusing a lot of my efforts on content sites lately.

The 3 keywords I supplied were interwoven unnoticeable into the articles and with a good density. I’ve outsourced a lot of articles, picked up a lot of PLR, and written a lot.

The articles are well researched and written very well and flow rather smoothly. Great service, I will be in touch again soon, and would highly recommend to all warriors Cheers Big JP I test out new writers all the time. The articles are written in a very easy-going, conversational manner.

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