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2.5 MB Presentation 3 – Becoming a change agent in sustainability initiatives by Ferdinando Fornara.12.3 MB Presentation 4 – Temporal Autonomy: Exploring Flexibility, Everyday Life, and Wellbeing by Tony Craig.Please find all presentations and materials of the event below: Wednesday 8TH June,2016: Welcome: Welcome speech by Ricardo Garcia Mira & Adina Dumitru.

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Such a theory is unconceivable without an understanding of processes of learning.

Social learning has become a much used concept in debates on participatory democratic processes and social change more generally.

1.8 MB Presentation 5 – Conceptualizing empowerment in social innovation initiatives and its relationship to motivations for action by Flor Avelino .

Die einfachste Möglichkeit, schnell neue Leute kennenzulernen, ist das Internet.

12.8MB Presentation 6 – Searching for a new mode of community in social innovation initiatives by Iris Kunze.

11.9MB Presentation 7 – Transforming social relations in social innovation initiatives Carla Cipolla.

Not only are you ambitious, but you are also well-educated and lead a very busy lifestyle.

You’ve been looking for love, but have not found that special someone. It’s true: you have found great success in so many areas of your life, but for some reason you seem to be very unlucky in love. There are many singles in the UK who encounter these same problems and many of them have found the perfect solution to this very pesky problem.

Besides, we counted on the presence of two keynote speakers.

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