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Each member of an Intercessor Squad carries some variant of a Bolt Rifle, the standard Mark II Cawl Pattern version of which has a longer range and greater armour penetration than a Bolter.

Additionally, each Intercessor also bears a Bolt Pistol and Frag and Krak Grenades.

Many already established Chapters have taken to fielding them alongside their Tactical Squads.

Well does Roboute Guilliman recall the success of single-armament squads from the era of the Great Crusade -- the combination of the focused firepower of the Intercessor Squads and the adaptability of the Tactical Squads has proven all but unstoppable.

Lee is the Senior Vice President Human Resources & CDO of Wyndham Worldwide in Parsippany where she engages the employees in various volunteer projects on behalf of the families served by JBWS.

“We are so pleased that Patti Lee will continue her work with JBWS through her service on our advisory board, remarks Patricia Sly of Chester and CEO of JBWS.

They participate in, "Challenges by Choice," which are activities the child perceives as dangerous or risky (e.g., rock climbing, kayaking) and they discuss and reflect on "Positive Statements for the Day" such as "I am strong.

I am able."The camp is based on the theory that resilience is the foundation of hope, and hope is what motivates individuals to achieve their goals. According to the Center of Applied Research for Non-Profit Organizations at the University of Oklahoma, in its first published evaluation of the Camp HOPE model, there is a significant increase in Hope in a pre-test, post-test design among campers.The most numerous and strategically versatile warriors in a Codex Astartes-compliant Space Marine Chapter form battleline squads.They are flexible enough to press home an attack, or hold a position with withering firepower.Thank you to the 137 participants and our sponsors for making this possible. MAY 2017 - Patricia Sly of Chester and CEO of Jersey Battered Women’s Service presented Patricia Lee of West Caldwell with the 2017 Distinguished Service award for sharing her time and talents with the JBWS for more than a decade.Special thanks to the Somerset Hills Country Club staff for giving our golfers the opportunity to play on this nationally recognized course. Lee was formally recognized on May 22, during the 23rd annual JBWS Grand Tastings event held at the Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange.Victim blaming and shaming keep the problem hidden. Invite JBWS to speak to your civic, faith based, employee or community group. Camp HOPE involves team building activities, character trait awards, and values-based programming.

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