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A small number of M91 barrels were produced by Suomen Ampumataruikehdas with apparently this production running from 1922-1924.

These barrels are marked SAT Riihimaki and were fitted to Russian receivers in Finnish stockpiles.

As is the case with all the Finnish Mosin Nagants, the receivers used were older Russian receivers.

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One of the first Finnish modifications of the older Russian rifles was the little known Ulanie Carbine.

This was a modification in which the Finns cut down M91 barrels that had damaged crowns or worn bores near the muzzle.

For the rifles in this category there were only two reasonable alternatives, relining the worn barrels or new production of replacement M91 barrels.

The Finns decided to undertake both tasks and this is the true beginning of the Finnish manufactured M91 Mosin Nagant.

Not many seem to realize the M91, in one form or another, was the most widely issued Finnish rifle until overtaken by the M39 Service Rifle late in the Continuation War (1941-44).

Some have also stated the M91 was issued only to rear echelon troops in this time period but nothing could be further from the truth.

The chances of finding one of these historical rifles is next to none and there are very few in known collections.

Arms Depot Number 1 (AV-1) was also involved in the early "manufacturing" of M91 barrels as they undertook the task of retubing and relining older M91 barrels.

I want to note that I have not really covered all the variations in detail, like the M91 RV, as this will come later in an article of their own.

The Finns captured a vast number of Russian M91's during the Finnish Civil War of 1918 with these rifles in various states of condition.

The production of these barrels was halted suddenly in 1927 as the Finnish Army deemed the barrels unsatisfactory.

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