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Ambroise Pare, considered the father of modern surgery, started out as a barber.

It all started in AD 1163, when the pope issued a degree banning members of the clergy from shedding blood.

This was a problem for priests and monks, who often carried out bloodletting and other minor surgical procedures.

Since airlines refused to hire a female pilot at the time, Church convinced a reluctant Boeing Air Transport (now United Airlines) to hire her and seven other nurses as attendants.

As well as assisting with airsickness, Church argued that female flight attendants would help deal with nervous passengers, telling the airline that it “would be good psychology to have women up in the air.

In the early days of the phone, people couldn’t simply dial a number and expect to be connected.

Instead, they would first call their telephone operating center, where a telephone operator would manually operate a switchboard to route the call to the intended recipient.

Men only became flight attendants again in the 1960s and have not regained their dominance to date.

Professional barbers date back at least to Ancient Egypt, where wealthy nobles kept personal barbers on staff.

Barber-surgeons became even more prominent due to the bubonic plague, which caused a high mortality rate among trained medical doctors.

In England, the barbers and surgeons were originally two separate guilds, but grew together until Henry VIII merged them in 1540.

As air travel became more common, the responsibility of attending to passengers and serving drinks actually fell to the co-pilot.

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