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Original residents, who bought their houses as new, say they looked out over fields and there were very few buses.

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Despite protests this significant development on green belt land went ahead and continues to expand adding further to the pressure on infrastructure at Kingston Park.

Significant proposed changes were contained in the One Core Strategy – a joint plan for the future of Newcastle and Gateshead.

The council’s housing plans will mean, if not stopped, there will be a continuous sprawl from the Tyne Bridge to the far side of Ponteland.

Then there is the proposed new road paralleling the A1.

This would mean damage to wildlife habitats, more congestion and an increase in traffic and noise pollution.” The reshaped plan was approved by Newcastle Council for submission to the Secretary of State in January 2014.

The inspector issued an interim set of findings in November 2014 broadly supportive of the council’s housing plans and campaigners have lost their fight to prevent the housing developments.

Kingston Park’s relatively new neighbour to the north is the Great Park development and this is blamed by local residents for the sudden expansion of retailing at Kingston Park and the associated increase in traffic.

The northern edge of Kingston Park and the southern edge of the Great Park are beginning to merge.

“The inspector supported homes on greenfield sites at Callerton (3,000 homes), Newbiggin Hall (300), Kingston Park and Kenton Bank Foot (800), Newcastle Great Park (1,480), Dinnington (250), Throckley (550), Hazlerigg and Wide Open (500), all in Newcastle.” Chronicle report November 18th 2014 In response local people have been able to establish a formal neighbourhood area and neighbourhood forum for Kingston Park (Council cabinet meeting ; area link – excludes Kenton Bank Foot).

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