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A few months back, a friend fumed to me about how she’d fallen out with someone who she’d thought was a friend until they told her that they’d only been doing certain things because they’d expected payback in favours.

She’d been under the impression that they were mates so not only did she feel insulted, but she suddenly realised that this person had ulterior motives the entire time and she cringed as she recalled conversations where she’d confided in her.

It’s hard not to see a site like hers appealing to paedophiles, although Margaret insists she has proved effective in blocking any unwanted visitors.

I think it was why we stayed together a little longer than we should have.

In the end, I ended it for a number of reasons but not least because it would have been like pulling teeth to have some mutual honesty in the relationship.

The 15-year-old girl chooses to style herself as a 'living doll' and films tutorials on how to achieve her look for her internet channel However, another description hovers in the background alongside ‘living doll’.

It also begins with ‘L’ but has rather more sinister connotations.

There is nothing sexual about this — she just wants to look pretty.’‘As a parent you have to understand that, in some instances, if your child is determined to do something, they will find a way to do it no matter how much you forbid them.

Besides, I don’t see any harm in it at all.’It is perhaps not insignificant that Margaret, who works for a local opticians, is the only parental influence.

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She is helped by her mother, who whips out the peroxide bottle every month to lighten her daughter’s naturally dark locks — which were beautiful in their natural state, judging from early photos of Venus.

That has not stopped Venus attracting her fair share of online admirers, presumably some more dubious than others.

In 2008 they went to Japan, where Venus first encountered the cult of ‘anime’ — highly stylised cartoons — that inspired her look. She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t smoke, she’s not even remotely interested in boys. I would be far more upset if she was rolling around drunk in the street.'Yet there is, of course, nothing ‘natural’ about Venus’s look.

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