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Hi single mother I have two children one is 21 and lives on his own and I have a seven year old daugther who takes up a lot of my time I enjoy working out and going on hikes with my two dogs if you want to know more get ..

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Bolsheviks, Italian fascist under Mussolini, and NSDAP were probably pioneers among political parties, leaders of which understood the power of groupthink in the society and managed to use it for obtaining and preserving the political power.

In the same way it is also used by various "high demand" religious cults In subtle, indirect way the term groupthink suggests that social groups as well as the society "at large" often behaves as a psychopathic individual.

At the same time many achievements of humanity (for example dominance of secular states) are due to people who sacrificed their lives for defending their own view of things and events.

Which during Middle Ages was related to questioning the religious dogma. Beating the war drums is a sur way to increase group cohesiveness and was used and abused by elite since antiquity.

The key problem with groupthink that while it is fundamental, immanent feature of social groups, it is often cultivated and amplified by the elite.

Extreme forms of "cultivated groupthink" (via MSM brainwashing) such as Mc Carthyism witch hunt is the cornerstone of corporatism and is related to very dangerous forms of social organization of society as neo-fascism.

The term "groupthink" is closely related to such terms as propaganda, social influences on individuals, group cohesiveness, and, especially, brainwashing.

There are several similar terms with the most popular alternative term being "political correctness".

Lord John Acton's (1834-1902) famous sentence, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely." (Letter to Bishop Creighton, April 5, 1887) reflects the same idea.

In other words, the phenomenon was recognized long before fascism conducted its large-scale social experiment on German and Italian people and Bolsheviks brainwashed Russian population, creating a secular religion out of Marxists philosophy.

The Challenger space shuttle explosion, The Bay of Pigs invasion, The Korean War debacle, Vietnam War, Iraq Invasion all can to certain extent be viewed as examples of situations where group communication failed and groupthink prevail.

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