Dating sexrooms

It’s definitely been annoying that The Clue frequently forgets the meaning of the game and the fact that there are still other women involved, but she redeems herself when she gets to pin Thumb down with these tough questions and demands.

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And with a couple more shots of Thumb and Bachelorachel making nice, we’re finally speeding toward that final round of surveillance, the three-hour finale. But at least we’ll finally be able to close this case, and get Thumb’s likability back to him. Alexis Rhiannon (@mindtheclam) is a freelance writer and comedian who grew up in Portland, Oregon, and is now located in New York City.

Her interests include reality television, bar trivia, pop culture conspiracies, and someday cleaning her apartment.

(Dorothy and I are both Olympic gold medalists in cross-country skiing, if that tells you anything.) It’s already been clear for weeks that Bachelorachel has nothing to do with this case, as we’re opening a whole new file on her when starts up, but it’s still jarring to see Thumb zooming ahead of her on the trail, not even making eye contact as they feed reindeer together, and of course, administering the dreaded leg touch.

This is a perp who wants to confess that he feels nothing for the person opposite him, and it’s reading all over his face.

Every time she scolds him or brings up something about Thumb that she doesn’t, his power boner for her grows stronger, so he is all but at half mast as they sprint back and forth between the two temperatures, with The Clue threatening to murder him every five minutes.

And unlike other women, with whom he normally talks about old dates they had and why their walls are up and what they think about the drama in the house, Thumb and The Clue are actually having important conversations, like the role of family in their future life together, non-negotiables in each of their lives, and their core values as human beings. The Clue is holding firm on the things that are important to her, and Thumb is hedging about uprooting his (unemployed, driftless, unsettled) life to prioritize a relationship, citing fears that the two of them are “too similar,” while The Clue makes this face.

She tells him she loves him, and he tells the camera that he’s worried that this relationship has the potential for more conflict than the others that he’s been pursuing on the show, and they pull out their invitation to spend the night together, and that tiny silver key that you know they recycle for all three women. Get real, you’re holding the same key that already unlocked Raven’s door to Pleasure Island two nights before.

They decide to spend the night together, but not which country they’ll live in, YOLO.

My only consolation is that he definitely won’t sleep with her, since we’ve all known for weeks that Bachelorachel goes home, and there’s no chemistry between her and Thumb, and sorry, did you need me to put another reason in this space? But just when I was certain that Thumb was going to pull a Thumb and eliminate Bachelorachel before the Rose Ceremony, they decided to spend the night together instead, right after Bachelorachel told Thumb she’s falling in love with him, and he tells her he’s falling in love with her back.

“I know we’re gonna go so much deeper than we’ve gone before,” Bachelorachel tells the camera, all but winking. I don’t want to invalidate your feelings or anything, but the optics on this are insane.

As she eagerly tells the camera, “Nick is really good at what he does,” and I’ve never heard such an unintentionally cutting way of describing him.

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