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However there are a few characteristics which make Dutch men very interesting and often rewarding to know.

However one consequence of the liberal Dutch culture is that you cannot be expected to be wined and dined by your partner every time.

So when on a date, don’t forget to take your purse along since here it is only natural to “go Dutch”.

And once the date is over you can also expect your guy to see you home, bidding you a courteous good-night at your doorstep without expecting a nightcap in return.

Rather sedate The flipside of the Dutchman’s tendency to correct behavior with ladies is that the latter tend to him rather boring.

He will listen intently to you and make polite enquiries but rarely get into an animated discussion.

He does not believe in allowing his emotions get the better of him and thus is unlikely to be seen in an excitable state.

As a result of this, Dutch men are used to treating women as independent, strong and self-assured individuals.

This makes for dating Dutch men an extremely empowering experience especially if you happen to come from a markedly patriarchal culture where women are considered weak creatures with below-par intelligence.

Foreign travelers, especially from America, view the Netherlands through a curious fractured mirror – on one hand it is imagined as an idyllic paradise of tulips, windmills and cheese while on the other it is viewed with delicate horror as the land of druggies and prostitutes.

The reality is though that its men here are like everywhere else – some good, some bad and most in between.

Liberal attitude to women Dutch culture is quite egalitarian when it comes to gender roles and expectations.

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