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In order to improve communication with NGOs working in the field of youth affairs the Ministry has created a database. In close collaboration with the State’s Ministry on Reintegration issues and the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia we have being implement a program, which includes cultural and leisure activities for youngsters living in community of ethnic minorities. The program aims to contribute to resocializaiton process of convicted youngsters and juveniles through inclusion in sports, vocational education, cultural and entertainment activities, as well as in professional programs. Based on the Memorandum of Cooperation, signed by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia and the World Vision International office in Georgia, the parties support the Secondary School Students Professional Orientation Programme initiated by the Ministry. At its last match of the Gr Euro Basket 2015 Qualification round, Georgian Men's National Basketball Team defeated Portugal at home (Tbilisi Sport Palace).

With this victory, Georgia got the first place in Group E and punched ticket to next year's big event.27 October, Doha, Qatar.

Tempers flared between the rapper, real name MARSHALL MATHERS, and his niece at the...

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EMINEM's ex-wife KIM MATHERS regrets wedding the rapper a second time and reveals she tried to persuade the STAN hitmaker not to sign up for another marriage.

Despite the spiteful lyrics and attacks Eminem, real...

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The singer, real name MARSHALL MATHERS, and Kim have had a turbulent on-and-off relationship for nearly 20...

Eminem has divorced Kim Mathers for a second time, less than a year after they remarried.

The rapper, real name MARSHALL MATHERS III, and Kim have had a turbulent on-and-off...

Mathers, 31, and the rapper, real name MARSHALL MATHERS, have been married and divorced twice.

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