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They are imagining a long period of history in which certain events took place.

The fossils, which the evolutionists say represent millions of years of history, are a record not of life, but of death.

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This article is an extract from the beginning of a longer paper which was originally published in in 2009 as Systematic Theology Texts and the Age of the Earth.

That paper critiques the old-earth arguments in three of the leading systematic theology textbooks (by Millard Erickson, Wayne Grudem and Gordon Lewis/Bruce Demarest) used in seminaries and Christian colleges in America and around the world.

Therefore, creationists believe that the global, catastrophic Flood was responsible for most (but not all) of the rock layers and fossils (i.e., some rock layers and possibly some fossils were deposited before the Flood, while other layers and fossils were produced in postdiluvian localized catastrophic sedimentation events or processes).

The biblical arguments in support of this view can be briefly summarized as follows.2 Two of the points above require further explanation because they are so important and are overlooked or resisted by nearly all Christians who have advocated the acceptance of millions of years over the past two centuries.

Were arthritis and cancer in the “very good” world before man sinned?

If the evolutionists’ dating methods are correct, the answer must be “yes.” Many kinds of disease have been found in the fossil record, including arthritis, abscesses, and tumors in dinosaur bones dated to be 110 million years old.Ar ages can be used to date surface processes such as weathering and environmental transitions (i.e. To better interpret jarosite ages from a thermochronological perspective, the diffusion kinetics of argon in jarosite were determined.There is a great amount of controversy in the church today regarding evolution and the age of the earth.But they also began to die physically and Paul clearly had physical death in mind in (as the context shows), when he says that death came into the human race through Adam’s sin.The serpent was cursed, along with other animals, resulting in a physical transformation.Many competing views attract the attention of Christians producing great confusion and leading many Christians to conclude that it just doesn’t matter.

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