Dating mutual sympathy

The split was a mutual one, but we did go through our fair share of problems, which are private between me and him. I met my ex for coffee a few weeks ago, and we have a good chat about this and that.When I was with my ex, I was good pals with the "mutual friend" also. I don't discuss his relationship or bring it up in conversation. I am not crying into my cornflakes or anything As long as my ex and I can remain the good friends that we are, then I am happy.

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My current frame of mind is that I am happy, single, and in no rush to meet anyone for a relationship right now.

That will happen in time, and I suppose when I least expect it.

I am not sure if I am quite ready to give them my blessing just yet.

If I were to see them in the same bar on a night out, I would probably have to leave.

At the time, I had told three of my closet friends about this and they were all very supportive.

I remember the day my ex updated his relationship status on Facebook, my phone was hopping all day with calls and texts with pals wondering what the hell is going on.Should you not be happy for both your mate and your ex?At the end of the day your relationship is over so why not wish them well and get out there and either have some fun or find someone new to have a relationship with Oh believe me...Friends have told me that I did act quite mature about it all.I suppose when you break up with someone, you have to prepare yourself for them meeting someone else. If my ex's new boyfriend was a complete stranger, then I would never have to meet him.As it stands at the moment, my ex and I are still good pals, but for some odd reason I am more hurt by the "mutual friend" in all of this.

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