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You can’t keep my money.’‘I’m not giving you that kind of cash,’ Alan answered. As it turned out, he wouldn’t need money years down the road.‘I’m not helping you go broke.’ Alan (an estate attorney, remember) could indeed keep Johnny’s money. He developed an infection, and with no T cells to fight it, he was dead within days.In New York City, smoking is banned in almost all indoor businesses. For men, especially, these are good places to kick back and puff in company. He can drop anchor almost anytime he wants at the Cigar Inn with just a few blocks walk or on the way home from work.

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There’s safety in numbers,’ explains Geoffrey Greif, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work and author of .

‘It’s the comfort of having a posse and more support.’It’s not just the macho and the effeminate drawn together.

When my wife and I dropped by, he introduced us all around proudly to his pals, who leapt to their feet to shake our hands.

And Alan, more content than I’d ever seen him, beamed, completely in his element.

Johnny had given him control of a trust left by his parents for safekeeping. He couldn’t work regularly, and tended to blow his money on the silliest indiscriminate crap. When I learned this, I wondered if Alan regretted refusing Johnny his last ridiculous wish.

He’d finally done one sane thing with it – given it to Alan, so that Alan could dole it out parsimoniously for things that mattered. But he and the guys were there for him while he was alive.

My brother-in-law Alan is a regular at the Cigar Inn, an elegant but comfortable cigar bar in the East 50s of Manhattan. On weekends he’s more likely slumming it in jeans and a hoodie.

Day after day, year after year, he spends the happiest hours of his life with these men – most often the same nine or 10 regulars.

Irene Levine, a clinical professor of psychiatry at New York University and author of , a book on female friendship, calls this difference ‘face to face’ vs. Women exchange intimacies while men share activities. It’s your own voice and the voices of your pals you want to hear.

But by these rules, men smoking in a group are gender-bending: metaphorically and physically, they’re gathering both side-to-side and face-to-face. Understandably, most of the regulars in Alan’s group talk a very good show.

‘People from different walks of life coming together over a common cause.’Most of the regulars talk a very good show.

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