Dating is it serious yet

“You're a fan of [insert band everyone is a fan of here]? But after you graduate college, you're finally in complete control over your own lifestyle. You have to draw the line somewhere.)For most teens, adolescent dating will occasionally be nothing more than a dick-measuring contest, so to speak.

Sure, you may genuinely like your girlfriend, but you also like the fact that she's “probably, like, the seventh hottest chick in our class, bro.”As more than a few teen comedies have shown, teenage boys place a high priority on scoring an attractive girlfriend.

As a result, we turn to magazines, the Internet and sometimes even the dreaded pick-up artist community in hopes of gaining the "skills" needed to make women want us.

Sometimes, we might even find out that a lot of the advice we read actually works.

Being yourself won't make every woman in the world want to be with you.

But we eventually learn that it's not about getting with every woman; it's about finding the right woman, as corny as that sounds.

We are just so abysmally unprepared to stand up to their judgment, but we endure it anyway because the alternative would involve being suddenly single again.

But something strange happens when we start to get serious about romance: We find ourselves kind of looking forward to those milestones.

That probably has something to do with the fact that not every human being wants the same thing, and what works for one girl won't necessarily work for another, but this realization doesn't occur to us when we first start dating.

We're convinced there's a secret code for getting the girl.

Constant humble-bragging about how hot your girlfriend is. But after the initial waves of puberty settle down, and you experience enough relationships to start to figure out what really fulfills you, you will reach a point where you can start to make healthier decisions.

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