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It's great to see ACC Internet Cribbage continuing to evolve and as it enters its eighth full season July 2011: De Lynn Colvert, Cribbage Forum contributor, four-time National Champion and the ACC's highest rated player, has become the first Life Master - Six Stars.

De Lynn is also in the ACC Hall of Fame along with Cribbage Forum contributors Phyllis Schmidt and, as of 2011, George "Ras" Rasmussen too. Meanwhile Hal Mueller is still writing cribbage software, the latest release being an update (v3.4) to his top-of-the-line REX Cribbage May 2010: We're happy to acknowledge the induction of our own George "Ras" Rasmussen into the ACC Hall of Fame, where he will be joining Cribbage Forum contributors De Lynn Colvert and Phyllis Schmidt March 2010: Hal Mueller has announced his latest release, entitled REX Cribbage.

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Our esteemed content will remain proudly online, of course, and I'll continue to publish the occasional news bit or article.

And who knows when I might pick up where I left off, as there are still many ideas for future features on our favorite card game.

Cribbage Forum also wishes Hal well in his recovery from heart surgery earlier this year Cribbage Forum turns 10.

Thanks to our contributors and readers for making us the Web's leading resource devoted to cribbage strategy!

In the meantime though, I hope you'll stay in touch, enjoy the other fine cribbage resources on the Web, and happy pegging to everyone!

January 2012: ACC Internet Cribbage adds a new tournament format Robert Milk has announced that the Cribbage Cup format has been replaced by a Grass Roots-style nine-game round robin format for the Wednesday night events.Halscrib has been playing at expert level for a couple of years now, and this new version quite possibly plays at championship level.George "Ras" Rasmussen and myself have logged several hundred games against it, and we are batting only a hair above .500.And check out the archives from our popular monthly quiz feature, Ask the experts.- Michael Schell May 2016: I revisited Daily Cribbage Hand after a long time away and was delighted to see the discarding discussions focused on board position, the way it should be.Mueller even offers a bundle with electronic copies of books by Cribbage Forum contributors De Lynn Colvert, John Chambers and George Rasmussen.

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