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Current and potential homeschool group leaders will find a wealth of knowledge in this e-vent, so sign up today! Simply use the coupon code found after logging in to your Discount Group account!

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is being brought before the United States Senate for ratification.

Learn how to successfully navigate policies and regulations regarding compulsory attendance age, notification, required instruction, and record-keeping.

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And HSLDA is working harder than ever to protect your rights.

In this exclusive @home e-vent, HSLDA Staff Attorney Mike Donnelly leads an open discussion on current events that can potentially affect homeschoolers everywhere.

The Ellendale School District, with guidance from the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction, is using individual subject test scores - instead of composite scores - from standardized tests to determine whether a homeschool student must be monitored by a certified teacher or evaluated for a learning disability.

Further, the school district is attempting to impose this monitoring on homeschooling families who have never been monitored before.

Biblical: Though many proms across the country are themed, what sets the Northern Texas home-school prom apart from the rest is the sprinkling of Christian references seen here on the original invitation While there are 300,000 home-schooled children in Texas alone and home-school proms are being held increasingly across the country, at the Dallas prom at least, Christian values and dogma pervaded the venue space.

In Dallas there is also no prom king and queen and in place of the predictable provocative, tight-fitting clothing favoured by boy-crazy teens, girls are encouraged to wear long dresses that cover any indecently exposed flesh and boys forbidden to wear anything that could be mistaken for casual. The Dallas prom may be run more conservatively by the parents, but according to one teen, they party just like other kids their age and were expecting to be out until five or six in the morning Stage set: A mother of nine who helps organise the prom says the parents like to give their children the chance to be like other teens while simultaneously teaching them about history and tradition at the same time Paul Hastings, an organiser of the Lubbock-based Texas Home School Coalition explained: 'Home-schooled kids want prom for the same reasons that high school kids want one. To purchase an archive, simply click "Add To Cart" and proceed to the "Shopping Cart." Access your archive under the "Purchase History" tab and watch as many times as you like for a period of 30 days!You will be able to pause, rewind, and fast-forward at your convenience.Sign up now to see this exciting new @home e-vent and hear the encouraging words of homeschoolers like you!Starting homeschooling is exciting, but can leave you feeling overwhelmed by the options. Sign up for this e-vent and HSLDA Toddlers to Tweens Consultant and homeschool mother of eight Vicki Bentley walks you through a planning checklist to help you prepare for the homeschool adventure!More social workers and police officers are forcibly entering homes without a warrant.

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