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You can gain an advantage by reciprocating his contact sooner.

Some seductionists recommend never breaking eye contact once established, and I tend to agree, but only as long as the target reciprocates your gaze.

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After a few rounds of this, they will usually (or hopefully) return each other’s gaze at the same time.

Often times the anxiety is too great or the admirer will be distracted and the courtship is cut off before completion.

Sometimes in dark night spots this can be hard to notice because everyone’s eyes are already dilated from the low light.

Also, it’s not that their eyes are constantly dilated; it’s that they dilate for a few seconds when you spike someone’s attraction.

Your target is presented with a thousand distractions, and by making eye contact with him, you can allow him to instantly filter out everything but you.

In the book the Red Queen by Matt Ridley, there is a section where he discusses the various reasons that female peahens find the tail plumes of male peacocks so seductive, and one of the major theories is that the eye patterns on the tail feathers have a hypnotic effect on females and cause them to focus solely on them.

Communication expert and author Leil Lowndes recommends staring at the feature on their face you find most attractive and continue to stare at it.

I personally try to think about sex to dilate my pupils.

Imagine walking down a crowded street or through your favorite night spot when you look up and see a guy — not just any guy, but the one that grabs your attention.

As you stare at him, drinking him in with your eyes, he briefly turns his head and your eyes meet.

Then both male and female will begin staring at each other and looking away when the other reciprocates the glance.

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