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While it appears at first glance to be a lighthearted dating simulator, it is in fact a psychological horror game that involves heavy use of breaking the fourth wall.The game was developed in an estimated two-year period by a team led by Dan Salvato, known previously for his modding work for Super Smash Bros. According to Salvato, the inspiration for the game came from his mixed feelings toward anime, and a fascination for surreal and unsettling experiences. is a visual novel, as such, the majority of the gameplay consists of the player reading the game's story with little impact on what direction the plot takes.Unsettling events begin occurring: the game rewinds after the protagonist finds Yuri cutting herself, and refuses to accept dialog options that do not favor Monika.

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The player is given a list of various words to select from that will make up their poem.

Each girl in the Literature Club has different word preferences, and will react when the player picks a word that they like.

On Monday, Natsuki enters, vomits at the sight of Yuri's corpse, and flees.

Monika then appears, apologizing, and deletes the "character files" for Yuri and Natsuki, causing the game to restart once again.

She confesses her love to the protagonist, then stabs herself to death.

The protagonist spends the weekend sitting by her body.

Whilst preparing for an upcoming school festival, Sayori reveals that she suffers from depression and confesses her love for the protagonist.

As the day of the festival approaches, Sayori's usually bittersweet poem is replaced with a dark and morbid note repeatedly telling someone to get out of her head.

The protagonist then meets the other members of the club: Natsuki, Yuri, and the club president Monika.

The protagonist starts to participate in the club's activities such as writing and sharing poetry, and grows close to the four girls.

She admits to making Sayori "more and more depressed" and "amplifying Yuri's obsessive personality" to make them more unlikable so the player would focus on her instead.

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