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The doomed love affair of Andrew and Rachel Jackson has been frequently retold, embellished and perhaps sanitized, and has become American folklore. The President's Lady, a best-selling novel by historian Irving Stone, was based on the Jacksons' lives, and the book was adapted into a hit movie in 1953.

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Another child, Andrew Jackson Hutchings, the orphaned grand niece of Rachel Jackson, was taken in and raised by the Jacksons from the age of five.

The Jacksons also served as guardians for several other children, which under the customs of the day meant that the Jacksons provided for the financial welfare of these children, who were mostly cousins, nieces, and nephews, but they did not live with the Jacksons.

Her marriage to Robards was rocky, and she said she was thrown out of his house in 1788, while he maintained that she had abandoned him without cause.

After their separation, she went to live with her widowed mother, and began dating Jackson, then a young lawyer.

That coverage, called her "coverture", meant that whatever she brought into marriage became his.

In theory she received in return her maintenance, but she had no legal remedy if her husband failed to meet his obligations.

15-Apr-1814)Husband: Andrew Jackson (US President, dated 1789-91, m.

1828 tuberculosis)Son: Andrew Jackson Hutchings (b.

Robards, however, did not even file for divorce until 1792, a divorce granted the next year on grounds of his wife's infidelity and desertion of their home.

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